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  • Culture In The Comics. . . .

    Published: 19/05/2017
    My grandmother used to call them “the funnies.” I can still remember a few occasions when she read me comics from Philadelphia’s “Evening Bulletin.” For me, the best comi ... Read more
    Source: cpyu.org
  • Kids, Caffeine, and Now Death. . .

    Published: 18/05/2017
    If you’re under the age of 35, you probably didn’t notice it. If you’ve been around longer than that, you may have picked up on it. It was the role caffeine played in the recent Netf ... Read more
    Source: cpyu.org
  • How to Say “No” Without Damaging Morale

    Published: 18/05/2017
    Let me ask you a question. How do you suppose you’d feel if you offered several suggestions to your supervisor, only to have every one of them rejected? It’s a rhetorical question. We all know it does ... Read more
  • (Podcast) What if your life is wasted?

    Published: 8/05/2017
    Season 2, Episode 18: What if your life is wasted? We give our best, try our hardest, and give our… The post (Podcast) What if your life is wasted? appeared first on YouthMinistry.com . Read more
  • Youth Ministry Is. . . .

    Published: 8/05/2017
    Youth ministry (really any ministry) is not about building a personal brand, a following, a resume of product, and an admired presence. It is about stepping out of the way, quietly following Christ, f ... Read more
    Source: cpyu.org
  • 13 Reasons Why: The Real Lesson

    Published: 6/05/2017
    If you’ve talked to a teenager recently, you’ve probably heard about 13 Reasons Why. (Alert: Spoilers ahead!) Regardless of the… The post 13 Reasons Why: The Real Lesson appeared first on YouthM ... Read more
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