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  • Sir Bedevere's Science Camp

    Published: 8/07/2017
    2nd place in Derby #610: Summer Campinating! A Typical Daily Schedule for Sir Bedevere's Science Camp: Morning: Breakfast, followed by a quick clean-up of bunks and cabins. All campers will be require ... Read more
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  • Derby #611: FestiviTEEs

    Published: 6/07/2017
    Derby #611: FestiviTEEs This is all about the festivities and festivals of summer time.  Concerts? Check. Reunions? Check. Celebrations? Check. Sporting Events? Check. Basically, give us souvenir ... Read more
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  • Bring Balance to the Breakfast

    Published: 6/07/2017
    *Pssst* Hey kid- wanna hear some Star Wars breakfast jokes? How does a stomtrooper make breakfast? Inaccurately!  What does a Jedi eat for breakfast? Force-ted Wheat!  What did Admiral Ackba ... Read more
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  • Derby #610: Summer Campinating

    Published: 29/06/2017
    Derby #610: Summer Campinating 99 bottles of bear on the wall, 99 bottles of bear...wait, something seems wrong with that...but we digress.  Seriously, though, camping is awesome.  Our  ... Read more
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  • Derby #609: Fastest Racing RACECARS

    Published: 22/06/2017
    Derby #609: Fastest Racing RACECARS How do you race? In the car, on your feet, tandem, wheels?  Racing is a competition of speed against time or distance. A great racer (probably) once said, ... Read more
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  • American Flourish II

    Published: 20/06/2017
    Bring Lady Liberty's message with you wherever you roam. Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty has been a symbol of welcome to people coming to the United States. For the 12 million immigrants who started ... Read more
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  • Derby #608: Sweet Land of Liber-Tee

    Published: 15/06/2017
    Derby #608: Sweet Land of Liber-Tee Dedication, sacrifice, honor, freedom, graphic tees… these are just a few words that come to mind this time of year. So let your creativity shine and submit your be ... Read more
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  • Star-Spangled Forest

    Published: 14/06/2017
    Our national parks are a national treasure- minus all the Nicolas Cage.  In lieu of a silly write up about Nicolas Cage trying to kidnap a park ranger and eventually learning the true meaning of ... Read more
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