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  • Kenneth Clark on Velasquez

    Published: 15/05/2017
    No one is willing to wait in moderation for God-knows-how-long on a Sunday to see their comments to my Samurai Jack post finally show. Evidently, it’s just not worth the trouble! Well, here̵ ... Read more
  • Samurai Jack, Season 5

    Published: 14/05/2017
    12 years after Season 4 left us hanging, we get Season 5! I’m up to episode 8. It’s a bit harsher than the original – not really so appropriate for little kids. Normally I disapprove ... Read more
  • Back, Sack and Crack

    Published: 12/05/2017
    This morning, Milo had his third professional grooming session. The first was a disaster. The salon we took him to thought they knew better than the universal wisdom of Samoyed owners, which is to bru ... Read more
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