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  • Riddles on Zika delay

    Published: 29/05/2017
    India's first set of documented Zika virus infections has thrown up what medical experts say are two puzzles: why were only three cases found among 34,000-plus blood samples tested, and why did the he ... Read more
  • On ground, full stop

    Published: 29/05/2017
    The Centre's May 23 notification was meant to stop animal markets from trading in cattle and buffalo for slaughter. Instead, it seems to have closed these markets altogether in Uttar Pradesh, preventi ... Read more
  • ASI strikes it rich on riverbank

    Published: 29/05/2017
    The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has discovered remains of human civilisation dating back to Chalcolithic or Copper Age on the banks of Prachi, considered to be one of the oldest rivers of Ind ... Read more
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