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  • Weekly roundup: Out of potluck

    Published: 11/07/2017
    Spoilers: I didn’t finish the potluck game! I think I bit off a little more than I could chew, since the game necessarily needs a bunch of mechanics and world to actually make use of all the til ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: On the move

    Published: 2/07/2017
    Busy week, including a friend’s visiting, but most of my time went towards only two things: veekun : I got forms dumping (more or less), got moves dumping, spent a whole lot of time chasing ... Read more
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  • Some memorable levels

    Published: 2/07/2017
    Another Patreon request from Nova Dasterin : Maybe something about level design. In relation to a vertical shmup since I’m working on one of those. I’ve been thinking about level desi ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Breath of the Tired

    Published: 26/06/2017
    I may have spoken too soon; I had some pretty sleepy nights this week. Oh, well. The slow march of progress continued nonetheless. Also I played Zelda a lot. potluck : I built a few little mechan ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Successful juggling

    Published: 19/06/2017
    Despite flipping my sleep, as I seem to end up doing every month now, I’ve had a pretty solid week. We finally got our hands on a Switch, so I just played Zelda to stay up a ridiculously long ti ... Read more
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  • Digital painter rundown

    Published: 17/06/2017
    Another patron post! IndustrialRobot  asks: You should totally write about drawing/image manipulation programs! (Inspired by https://eev.ee/blog/2015/05/31/text-editor-rundown/ ) This is a little ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Potpourri

    Published: 13/06/2017
    potluck : It’s about time I actually started on this! I spent a couple days squabbling with JavaScript frameworks, but in the end I gave up and decided to just build it on my existing LÖVE code. ... Read more
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