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  • Weekly roundup: Strawberry jam

    Published: 6/02/2017
    Onwards! flora : I wrote another twine for Flora. music : I spent a day with MilkyTracker and managed to produce a remixed title theme for Isaac’s Descent HD ! It’s not entirely  ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Chaos

    Published: 31/01/2017
    I feel a little bit like life is disintegrating into chaos, but I’m plowing ahead nonetheless. isaac : I finished porting NEON PHASE changes over to the Isaac’s Descent codebase, whic ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Out of phase

    Published: 24/01/2017
    As is tradition , I skipped a week because I was busy making a video game with Mel. The video game is NEON PHASE and I wrote about it and it’s pretty cool. Between that and our hellcat ... Read more
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