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  • The Iranian Espadrille

    Published: 7/07/2017
    Everyone knows about espadrilles – the ropey soled, canvas slip-on made in France and Spain, and often associated with the leisurely lifestyle of vacationers on the French Riviera. Apparently, t ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • Finding A Different Kind of Closure

    Published: 30/06/2017
    Most pants are made to visually disappear into the background of an outfit. A pair of grey flannel trousers set the stage for your shirt, tie, and jacket, just as jeans serve as the foundation for alm ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • South Korea’s Emerging Menswear Scene

    Published: 28/06/2017
    Globalization has been a double-edge sword for menswear. On the one hand, it’s wiped out many of the distinctive features that once made regional dress unique. There are a million sources these days f ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • The Simple White Shirt

    Published: 21/06/2017
    If you’ve ever had a passing interest in fragrances, the BBC’s documentary on perfumes is well worth a watch. The three-part series came out a few years ago, and it covers everything from how big bran ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • What’s the Point of Handwork?

    Published: 17/06/2017
    Guillermo Dominguez, a portfolio manager for New River Investments, came up with a good term a few years ago for the new economy he was seeing emerge out of his quickly gentrifying neighborhood. “The ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • Mr. Porter Price Drops

    Published: 14/06/2017
    Sale season this year is moving along quickly. Mr. Porter just made their second round of price cuts , putting things at 70% off just two weeks after they started their spring promotion. Given the siz ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
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