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  • Everybody Loves the Sunshine

    Published: 18/02/2017
    Every season, there are one or two things I regret having missed out on. Last season, it was this Melton wool “traveler coat” from Kaptain Sunshine . It’s a long, raglan-sleeved over ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • An Absolutely Epic Etsy List

    Published: 10/02/2017
    If you’re as big of a Ralph Lauren fan as I am, get ready to crap your pants.  My friend Zach is an inveterate thrifter, with an eye for quality and style. So when he lost out on British Ventile smock ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • How to Think About Fashion

    Published: 7/02/2017
    For being about clothes, online sites about men’s style can get surprisingly contentious. Just visit any online forum  or check the comment section at Ivy Style . People outside of fashion tend to hav ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • The In-Between Gabardine

    Published: 1/02/2017
    It would be too much to say that the suit is dead, but here in San Francisco, you’d struggle to find occasions to wear one. More and more people nowadays are dressing down for the office, even in indu ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • The Other Florentine Look

    Published: 27/01/2017
    I really want to go to Italy this year to commission some things from a few tailors. There’s been a lot of talk lately about how bespoke tailoring is on the decline – things aren’t as good as th ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • Pulling Out the Engineers

    Published: 25/01/2017
    These boots have been sitting in my closet for a while. I bought them a couple of years ago when I was getting into heavy horsehide jackets and flannel shirts. These days, when I’m not in sport coats, ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • Anglo-Southern Style

    Published: 24/01/2017
    It’s menswear market week here in New York, and yesterday I met with several brands at a small trade show held at the Park Lane Hotel. Among the regular attendees are two friends and colleagues ... Read more
  • Declaration Of Independence

    Published: 22/01/2017
    Unless you’re one of those blessed souls who can tune out the contemporary world and live for higher things like the contemplation of the universe and the late quartets of Beethoven, you probabl ... Read more
  • Dressing for a Real Winter

    Published: 20/01/2017
    What to wear when this winter has been the coldest it’s been in years? I recently got back from a trip to Vancouver, and while the weather wasn’t that much colder than evenings in San Francisco, my fa ... Read more
    Source: dieworkwear.com
  • Make America Dress Great Again

    Published: 20/01/2017
    Here’s an idea on this historic glorious/infamous day when our country inaugurates its new president: how about creating a national fashion police to enforce standards of dress? There would be n ... Read more
  • The Polo Coat Gallery

    Published: 19/01/2017
    Here’s a gallery of images of the so-called aristocrat of topcoats. Perhaps because it’s called a polo coat, Polo Ralph Lauren has used them frequently in its advertising imagery, includin ... Read more