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  • The dementia village

    Published: 9/05/2017
    When my grandmother developed Alzheimer’s disease, she started to get me confused with her son, who had moved to Brazil at what was then my age. As a result of this, and of the feelings of guilt she s ... Read more
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  • How to live 349 years longer

    Published: 2/05/2017
    Run 5 minutes a day: 5 years. Read books: 23 months. Exercise when you’re old: 5 years. Play golf: 5 years. Eat oily fish twice a day: 2 years. Follow the Mediterranean Diet: 15 years. Be right handed ... Read more
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  • 21 theses about Columbo

    Published: 19/04/2017
    1. In Columbo, things are not as they seem. A murder is committed, almost always with premeditation. Sometimes, but not always, the death is made to look like an accident. Either way, things are arran ... Read more
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