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  • Living With A Complex Kitty

    Published: 3/06/2017
    Categories: Romantic Tags: Boyfriend/Girlfriend , Cornwall , England , home , Pets & Animals , UK Boyfriend: *laughing* "Are you saying I've given her an eating complex?" Me: "Yes." ( Read more... ... Read more
  • Mom Is Giving You The Crappy Jobs

    Published: 3/06/2017
    ( Home | SC, USA ) Home | SC, USA Categories: Related Tags: home Home | SC, USA(One of our cats gave birth six weeks ago, and until the kittens are big enough to have the run of the house, they&# ... Read more
  • Ruining Their Goodwill

    Published: 3/06/2017
    Categories: Right Tags: Annapolis , Liars/Scammers , Maryland , Retail , USA Me: "Huh... That's funny. I'm pretty sure I saw this exact item at Goodwill the other day when I was browsing. Look, it eve ... Read more
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