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  • WS10 Data Server SCADA Exploit Overflow PoC

    Published: 14/06/2016
    NOVUS Data Server WS10是一个工控服务的服务器,分为Server和Client两部分,开放端口为2001和2002,其中2002是客户端端口,2001是服务端端口,其中问题出现在服务端,在接收到数据的时候,由于没有对数据进行验证,直接执行登录操作,在登录操作时涉及到一处strlcpy操作,从而导致缓冲区溢出,通过覆盖返回地址达到任意代码执行。 Read more
    Source: www.seebug.org
  • Engineering a double

    Published: 14/06/2016
    Two world-leading universities in engineering innovation will jointly launch a new double degree program for master's students from the SAR and France in the next academic year. The dual master's degr ... Read more
  • Hard work versus privilege

    Published: 14/06/2016
    THE FIGURES and evidence being churned out by some of the UK's most prominent Commissions and research groups still point to a privately educated elite continuing to dominate professions such as law a ... Read more
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