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  • Instructables in the Classroom

    Published: 27/05/2017
    Just wanted to let all know that we have a group of students involved with Instructables.com  I gave my students a simple project...Make something and document it.  Please take a look at the ... Read more
  • Beginner Bread Recipes

    Published: 27/05/2017
    These bread recipes are a great way to keep building your bread making skills after taking this Bread Class. If you have any questions about any of these doughs or loaves, feel free to reach out and s ... Read more
  • Sourdough Starter and Bread Recipe

    Published: 27/05/2017
    This Instructable tackles three often opaque skills in breadmaking: starting a sourdough starter, how to feed and maintain a starter and how to leaven bread with a sourdough starter. There is probably ... Read more
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