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  • Head cut, another sprouts

    Published: 29/05/2017
    One's shot dead, another swiftly moves to assume charge of the trigger - the Hizbul Mujahideen, Kashmir's indigenous militancy regime, seems never short of commanders willing to put their lives on the ... Read more
  • Govt line: Bullet for bullet

    Published: 29/05/2017
    Anyone raising the gun will be dealt with the bullet and there is no question of going soft in Kashmir, a top source associated with the government said today. Read more
  • Riddles on Zika delay

    Published: 29/05/2017
    India's first set of documented Zika virus infections has thrown up what medical experts say are two puzzles: why were only three cases found among 34,000-plus blood samples tested, and why did the he ... Read more
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