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  • Floating on cloud nine

    Published: 12/11/2016
    What does the expression ‘You’re toast’ mean? (J Amol, Pune)The expression is mostly used in American English, and its use is limited to informal contexts. When you tell someone he is toast, you mean ... Read more
  • Copy_of_31_EPBS_Know your English

    Published: 28/10/2016
    What is the meaning of ‘Supreme Court reads the riot act to BCCI’? (KV Karthika, Nellore)The expression ‘read the riot act’ is mostly used in British English to mean to reprimand someone; you speak an ... Read more
  • Know You English: October 24, 2016

    Published: 22/10/2016
    “I saw your cousin’s car this morning. It looks almost new. Where did he...”“It looks great, doesn’t it? You know something? He paid only two lakhs for it.”“ Some people are lucky, I must say. That’s ... Read more
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