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    Published: 20/02/2017
    If you are new to Swift and have some experience with “C” style languages you probably have not given the Swift integer types much thought. They mostly work as you expect until one day som ... Read more
    Source: useyourloaf.com
  • Swift Equatable and Comparable

    Published: 6/02/2017
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  • Cleaning up Core Data Fetch Requests

    Published: 30/01/2017
    Core Data got a number of usability improvements in iOS 10. I have already written about NSPersistentContainer and Model Code Generation . In this post I round-up some other changes in iOS 10 and some ... Read more
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  • Hailing Frequencies Open

    Published: 25/01/2017
    OK, now that was unexpected in a point release: Managing App Store Ratings and Reviews iOS 10.3 introduces a new way to ask customers to provide App Store ratings and reviews for your app. Using the S ... Read more