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  • Stack View Baseline Alignment Issue

    Published: 22/05/2017
    A horizontal stack view can align text based views on the first or last baseline of the text. Unfortunately the stack view ends up with an incorrect height when the first text view is not the view tha ... Read more
    Source: useyourloaf.com
  • New Bestie: Microsoft?

    Published: 22/05/2017
    Feels pretty strange writing this when you lived through the 80s and 90s, but Microsoft is kinda on a roll helping out Apple-based programmers recently, isn’t it? First off, Visual Studio Code is defi ... Read more
  • May The 4th Be Swift You

    Published: 19/05/2017
    Got your Swift 3 rewrites all done? Good, good, because now it’s time for… What’s new in Swift 4.0 Swift 4.0 is a major new release for everyone’s favorite app development language, and in ... Read more
  • Swift Witness For Sourcery

    Published: 16/05/2017
    Yep, think we’ve outdone ourselves with the obscure title references this time. If you knew it was from Malachi 3:5, our congratulations! What we’re talking about today is what you might have noticed ... Read more
  • Moving Core Data Files

    Published: 15/05/2017
    Using Core Data with an SQLite database and need to move the location of the store or replace the contents? Resist the temptation to use direct file operations and use the persistent store coordinator ... Read more
    Source: useyourloaf.com
  • Sketching The Future

    Published: 8/05/2017
    So no doubt you’re aware that Sketch is pretty much the goto tool for UI/UX work these days, but unless you were watching very closely — even if you were watching very closely, actually — you might ha ... Read more
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