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  • Cannonfire Concerto (Caleb Wilson/CoG)

    Published: 17/02/2017
    Cannonfire Concerto (Steam, IFDB) is a Choice of Games piece from Caleb Wilson (Lime Ergot, Starry Seeksorrow, Six Gray Rats Crawl Up The Pillow). Caleb is a long-time writer of IF with a distinctive ... Read more
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  • Mid-February Link Assortment

    Published: 16/02/2017
    Events: February 16th, Boston’s People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction group meets up. Which is to say, tomorrow. March 4th is San Francisco’s IF Meetup. March 9, Nottingham’ ... Read more
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  • A House of Many Doors

    Published: 10/02/2017
    A House of Many Doors is a newly launched Mac and Linux game on Steam that bears a very strong resemblance in many respects to Sunless Sea, and was developed with funding help from Failbetter. (It was ... Read more
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  • Voyageur: Impressions

    Published: 9/02/2017
    First, a massive disclaimer: Voyageur’s author Bruno Dias is a friend. Also, I often do work for Failbetter, which provided support for Voyageur via Fundbetter. In addition, Voyageur uses proced ... Read more
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  • End of January Link Assortment

    Published: 31/01/2017
    Events February 4th, San Francisco, the SF Bay IF Meetup will get together to play the IGF-nominated Event[0]; several other potential games are also on the agenda. February 9th, Nottingham, Hello Wor ... Read more
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  • This situation right here

    Published: 30/01/2017
    You who’ve hung out here for a while know that I post politics-related stuff rarely (though here’s a post I wrote last year about immigration). That’s changing a bit now, because we& ... Read more
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