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  • Scrapbook Storage Rack

    Published: 21/02/2017
    My daughter-in-law is into scrapbooking to the point where she has stacks of paper and rolls of stuff all over her work room. I told her I can help fix that- with a 4 sided rotating rack. This rack ha ... Read more
  • Copycat McDonald's Apple Pies

    Published: 21/02/2017
    Apple pie is a delicious treat, but it can be quite messy. McDonald's remedied this problem by making single-serve apple pies, warm goodness in a cardboard cuff. These would be great to pack into a ki ... Read more
  • Solar George Foreman Cooker

    Published: 21/02/2017
    Following the success of my 4ft solar cooker, I wanted to go larger. Finding a rigid satellite larger than 4ft can get very expensive, as you won't likely find one for free. I searhed craigslist and e ... Read more
  • How to Make Playdough

    Published: 20/02/2017
    This is a quick and simple recipe for making playdough at home. All you need is a few ingredients.Play doh is just so fun to play with no matter how old you are. Here's how to make your own play doh a ... Read more
  • Lost Wax Bronze Casting

    Published: 20/02/2017
    Humans have been casting bronze for almost 6000 years, and while the tools used have changed, the fundamentals of the process remain essentially unchanged. In this Instructable I’ll be demonstra ... Read more
  • Diy flexographic printer

    Published: 20/02/2017
    I made this project to create a printer for plastic film, I have seen a lot of diferent printers so I made one from recycled parts. I was lucky to find an anilox ceramic roller for sale, that is the m ... Read more