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  • Innocent By-Standers and Collective Karma

    Published: 13/02/2017
    In the previous segment of this blog I brought up the idea of collective karma. This may be the biggest stumbling block to understanding the Buddhist theory of karma — that karma is not something ... Read more
  • My Nephew Danny Gold

    Published: 8/02/2017
    My nephew Ben writes for a right-wing “news-entertainment” site called Liberty Writers News where he goes by the pen-name Danny Gold. In December, the Washington Post did a story about Ben and his wri ... Read more
  • Being a Jerk and Not Being a Jerk

    Published: 6/02/2017
    It appears to me that there are as many people who use “progressive” ideology as an excuse for being jerks as who use “conservative” ideology as an excuse for being jerks. Cons ... Read more
  • Sometimes Silence is Louder

    Published: 3/02/2017
    My mom died in January 2007 and my whole family freaked out. When I got to my dad’s place I realized I had only one job and that job was to be the guy who wasn’t freaking out. When everyone is going c ... Read more
  • Big Bags of Stinking Skin

    Published: 24/01/2017
    One of the times I visited Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery in Northern California, I discovered, in their library, a little folder full of translations of articles written by Kodo Sawaki. There was n ... Read more
  • Should Plumbing Be Political?

    Published: 16/01/2017
    Recently Lion’s Roar ran an article entitled Isn’t Buddhism Supposed to be Apolitical. It wasn’t really about whether Buddhism should or shouldn’t be political, but yet another justification for why B ... Read more