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  • The Periodic Table of Garlands

    Published: 9/05/2017
    The Oh Happy Day shop stocks every imaginable party banner and garland- every color and style, for every occasion!  My personal favorites include:  The Letter Garland Kit where you can customize your ... Read more
    Source: ohhappyday.com
  • Giant Lollipop Favors DIY

    Published: 8/05/2017
    Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli-Lollipop! These lollipops have been super-sized, and can hold a whole slew of treats and favors inside them. (Be sure to check out the Oh Happy Day Party Shop for the best ... Read more
    Source: ohhappyday.com
  • Polish Chandelier 02

    Published: 5/05/2017
    I’m in love with Polish Chandeliers. I love when you can use decor for a party and then keep it later on for home decor. We wanted to do a series of these using different techniques. Today we ma ... Read more
    Source: ohhappyday.com
  • Apple Gifts Packaging DIY

    Published: 3/05/2017
    It’s hard to believe but the end of the school year is creeping up on us – or in some cases, it’s rushing up like a speeding freight train! Sometimes it’s nice to go a little above and beyond for some ... Read more
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  • Paper Airplane Party

    Published: 1/05/2017
    I have two little boys so coming up with party themes with them is one of my favorite things. My 7 year old is obsessed with paper airplanes lately and I thought that would make such a great party the ... Read more
    Source: ohhappyday.com
  • Paper Lantern Installation

    Published: 28/04/2017
    Today we have a partnership with Etsy Studio, a new craft-based online market from Etsy. It’s an awesome site to visit for DIY supplies where you can buy and sell unique supplies for your favorite cra ... Read more
    Source: ohhappyday.com
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