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  • Mailbag: High-Agency Narrative Systems

    Published: 25/05/2017
    Today’s mailbag entry (at the request of the submitter, anonymized and edited a little) gets into the question of how to create salience and quality-based narratives and other similar games, giv ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
  • Episode 45 – Documentary Delight

    Published: 19/05/2017
    Direct Download With this interview, we move away from YouTube and delve into independent film, to talk with Philip Jones, the director of the 2015 documentary Gaming in Color The documentary started ... Read more
  • Mailbag: Writing for Versu

    Published: 18/05/2017
    @craigtimpany writes: You’ve covered Versu’s architecture, but I’m curious what that was like to write for… In particular I’ve been wondering how very non linear tools af ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
  • End of April Link Assortment

    Published: 30/04/2017
    Events May 1 in Cambridge, MA, Salon 256 shows off creative computer programs in 256 bytes or less; Nick Montfort presents some of his work there. The Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction is l ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
  • JavaScript front ends for Inform Games

    Published: 30/04/2017
    I initially titled this post “Glulx-compatible Vorple,” but felt that possibly that headline wouldn’t convey much to authors who aren’t already familiar with the esoteric edges ... Read more
    Source: emshort.blog
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