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  • New Favorites: Banded ribs

    Published: 18/05/2017
    I don’t know if this interrupted-ribbing stitch pattern has a commonly accepted name (if it does, fill me in! and is it ribbing or brioche?) but I fell in love with it upon first seeing Helga Is ... Read more
  • News Briefs 18-05-2017

    Published: 18/05/2017
    Welcome to the Daily Grail where we're not afraid to tackle the big questions. My name's Chris and I'll be your host today. Red Pill Junkie has been detained by several scantily-clad black-eyed girls. ... Read more
  • News Briefs 17-05-2017

    Published: 17/05/2017
    Memo: remember to take more memos... Does dark matter harbor life ? Have astronomers found evidence of parallel universes ? Volcano telescope will look for alien heat signatures . Finding alien megast ... Read more
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