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  • iOS, JavaScript, and Object Hierarchies

    Published: 5/04/2017
    Rob Fahrni : Given x-callback-url and App URL schemes in general it would be extremely cool to use those to create object hierarchies using JavaScript. Why JavaScript? Well, it’s native to iOS and app ... Read more
    Source: inessential.com
  • OmniOutliner 5.0 for Mac

    Published: 5/04/2017
    I’ve been on the OmniOutliner team for over a year now. Though we don’t have positions like junior and senior developer, I enjoy calling myself the junior developer on the Outliner team, since I’m new ... Read more
    Source: inessential.com
  • Frontier Diary #1: VM Life

    Published: 3/04/2017
    It’s been years since I could build the Frontier kernel — but I finally got it building. It’s really a ’90s Mac app that’s been Carbonized just enough to run on MacOS, but it’s by no means modern: it ... Read more
    Source: inessential.com
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