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  • Solidity optimizer bug

    Published: 3/05/2017
    A bug in the Solidity optimizer was reported through the Ethereum Foundation Bounty program, by Christoph Jentzsch. This bug is patched as of 2017-05-03, with the release of Solidity 0.4.11. Backgroun ... Read more
  • Geth 1.6 – Puppeth Master

    Published: 14/04/2017
    Cramming in a lot more goodies than originally anticipated, the Go Ethereum team is proud to finally deliver the first incarnation of the 1.6 Geth release series! Glimpsing through the commit list, th ... Read more
  • Ethereum Dev Roundup: Q1 (Boring Edition)

    Published: 7/04/2017
    The last one and a half months have seen great progress for Ethereum research, and we are excited that the protocol is moving closer and closer to the point where it is ready for mainstream adoption. ... Read more
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