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  • Artificial brain helps Gaia catch speeding stars

    Published: 27/06/2017
    With the help of software that mimics a human brain, ESA's Gaia satellite spotted six stars zipping at high speed from the centre of our Galaxy to its outskirts. This could provide key information abo ... Read more
    Source: sci.esa.int
  • #AsteroidDay webcast

    Published: 26/06/2017
    On 30 June, ESA experts will join scientists, astronauts and (space) rock stars in a 24-hour global webcast. Live segment from ESA's ESOC mission control centre runs 08:30-10:00 GMT (10:30-12:00 CEST) Read more
    Source: asteroidday.org
  • Superpowers in Space

    Published: 23/06/2017
    'Being in space is like having superpowers', Thomas Pesquet at the Paris Air and Space Show (French) Read more
    Source: www.esa.int
  • Keeping the rhythm in space

    Published: 15/06/2017
    Space is an inhospitable environment for the human body but we adapt remarkably well. Within hours, the brain adjusts to the lack of an up or down, as if floating is all it has ever known. Now re ... Read more
    Source: www.esa.int
  • A Taste of Space 4.0

    Published: 14/06/2017
    ESA Director General Jan Woerner meets students at 'Libreria AsSaggi' in Rome on 15 June, to discuss the future of Europe’s space activities. Watch live from 17:30 CEST Read more
    Source: livestream.com
  • Satellites forewarn of locust plagues

    Published: 13/06/2017
    Satellites are helping to predict favourable conditions for desert locusts to swarm, which poses a threat to agricultural production and, subsequently, livelihoods and food security. Read more
    Source: www.esa.int
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