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  • “Not as much as you pretend.”

    Published: 24/02/2017
    Working with groups, I often hear this question when talking about parents and their lack of willingness for their students to use technology. “What about the parents that do not want their students u ... Read more
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  • Working on “Meaning”

    Published: 21/02/2017
    While I am writing this, I am sitting outside in the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, blogging.  This is after reading articles on books, answering emails, and working on stuff for future pres ... Read more
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  • From “Data Driven” to “Evidence Driven”

    Published: 19/02/2017
    In my last post, “Common Assessments” vs “Common Understandings”, I was reminded of how powerful comments are on a blog, and why blogging is a hugely powerful tool for not only sharing your learning, ... Read more
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