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  • Removing Barriers and Hurdles

    Published: 15/06/2017
    Remember when SmartBoards were all the rage? Schools rushed to get these to every school, sometimes because they saw them as beneficial, and sometimes because the school across the way wanted them. I ... Read more
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  • Recognize, Rectify, Move Forward

    Published: 13/06/2017
    I try to always find a line of pushing participants in my sessions in their learning, without pushing them off a ledge.  I want them to feel challenged, not defeated.  It is a tough line and ... Read more
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  • What Lies Within Us?

    Published: 11/06/2017
    Attending so many conferences, there is a common theme that you will hear from most. How do we get our students better at school? They might not say that straight out, but it is the underlying narrati ... Read more
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  • You Are Not A Number

    Published: 1/06/2017
    <rant> I recently said the above statement at a conference in Nebraska, after asking teachers, “Have you heard of the term ‘data driven’?”, to which they responded with ... Read more
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  • Who wants to change?

    Published: 30/05/2017
    Years ago, I was working with a small group of administrators, sharing some insights and ideas on where education could go and where it is moving. I am passionate that if you are in a leadership posit ... Read more
    Source: georgecouros.ca
  • 3 Ways Schools Condition Students

    Published: 28/05/2017
    Several times a year, I will receive emails from parents about a post I wrote in 2010 titled, “The Impact of Awards”.  Often, they are reaching out because they are struggling to watch their own ... Read more
    Source: georgecouros.ca
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