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  • Exam, admission woes

    Published: 26/05/2017
     The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) undoubtedly offers a good curricula and demands utmost competence from teachers to do full justice to the subjects. But the board must ensure that its ... Read more
  • The Best Work I Saw at the NYT Portfolio Review

    Published: 26/05/2017
      Though art and news photography commingle these days, artists and journalists are very different breeds. I studied art at the undergrad and graduate level, and spent the last 20 years learning ... Read more
  • Failed war on terror

    Published: 25/05/2017
     The Greater Manchester police have expressed their anguish and anger over the leaking of information related to the terror attack. They have, in response, stopped giving information to the U.S. Briti ... Read more
  • Controversial honour

    Published: 25/05/2017
     The commendation to Major Leetul Gogoi conferred by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, despite his use of a civilian as a human shield, comes at a time when the Indian Army is facing increasing oppositi ... Read more
  • U.S. aid to Pakistan

    Published: 25/05/2017
    It is appropriate for the U.S. to propose a cut in foreign military assistance to Pakistan by half (“U.S. proposes cut in aid to Pak.,” May 25). The other day, Pakistan was not allowed to talk at the ... Read more
  • Personal Projects: Jennifer Davidson

    Published: 25/05/2017
    The Art of the Personal Project is a crucial element to let potential buyers see how you think creatively on your own.  I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or that show som ... Read more
  • Terror’s long shadow

    Published: 24/05/2017
     The fact that the Manchester blast follows a series of attacks on the European continent — in Westminster, Paris, Berlin and Nice — is a disquieting reminder of the potency of lone suicide-bombing (“ ... Read more
  • Animal deaths on campus

    Published: 23/05/2017
    The report on the factors responsible for the deaths of endangered animal species on the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Chennai reveals the callousness of the authorities in protecting them ... Read more
  • The Daily Edit – Bonobo: Neil Krug

    Published: 23/05/2017
    Photographer: Neil Krug Artist: Bonobo Record Label: Ninja Tune Heidi: What inspired you to create this type of imagery for the album package? Neil: I had one conversation with Simon (Bonobo) over cof ... Read more
  • Politics and Rajinikanth

    Published: 17/05/2017
     ‘Cartoonscape’ (May 17) says it all. Actor Rajinikanth would do well to stay away from murky politics, which does not seem to be his cup of tea. Having dominated the tinsel world for decades, his fan ... Read more
  • Winning back Kashmir

    Published: 17/05/2017
    It is widely believed that the death of Burhan Wani triggered the current spate of unrest in Kashmir. Sadly, it has been almost a year and there are few signs that the situation will abate any time so ... Read more
  • Kick-starting a plan

    Published: 17/05/2017
     The Congress party’s move to start a nationwide campaign “to expose” the BJP government’s three years in power is welcome (“Three years of lies, cover-up: Congress”, May 17). As the principal Opposit ... Read more
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