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  • A bad political move

    Published: 23/02/2017
     The Madras High Court’s refusal to grant any interim relief to the DMK, which challenged the manner in which the voting was conducted, is correct (“HC asks DMK to produce video footage of floor test” ... Read more
  • Caring for the elderly

    Published: 23/02/2017
     Life for senior citizens has become more difficult over the years (“Ageing with dignity”, Feb.23). Joint families are disappearing, the younger generation’s lifestyle has changed drastically and thei ... Read more
  • Not really disillusioned

    Published: 23/02/2017
     In “Tackling the Islamic State” (Feb.23), the writer calls the deserters of the Islamic State (IS) “disillusioned” while also stating that they have not given up their ambition to establish a Calipha ... Read more
  • No place for dissent

    Published: 23/02/2017
     The manner in which students were roughed up at Delhi University’s North campus by members of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has once again brought to light the attack on democratic va ... Read more
  • The Art of the Personal Project: Vincent Dixon

    Published: 23/02/2017
    Personal Projects are crucial in showing potential buyers how you think creatively on your own. I am drawn to personal projects that have an interesting vision or show something I have never seen befo ... Read more
  • An alliance for progress

    Published: 22/02/2017
     The interview with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav was at best a damp squib (“Tie-up for the times: U.P. CM” and “‘If two young leaders come together, people’s hopes will rise’,” Feb.22). ... Read more
  • Brian Clamp Interview

    Published: 15/02/2017
    Brian Clamp is the founder and director of the NYC Photo gallery ClampArt. Last summer, he was kind enough to take some time to share thoughts on the state of the gallery industry. Since we spoke, his ... Read more
  • Corrections and clarifications: Feb. 14

    Published: 14/02/2017
    >>A standalone photograph titled “Soaring high” (Feb. 12, 2017, some editions) wrongly identified the fighter jet on a sortie during rehearsal ahead of the Aero India 2017 in Bengaluru as a Rafa ... Read more
  • North Korea’s daring

    Published: 14/02/2017
    North Korea’s firing of a ballistic missile is designed to get the attention of U.S. President Donald Trump since North Korea was not on his priority list (“North Korea test fires ballistic missile”, ... Read more