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  • Daily Tab for 2017_06_09

    Published: 9/06/2017
    #Publishing The (not so great) state of UK print advertising in 4 charts (Lucinda Southern @Lucy28Southern in DigiDay) Here they are: Publishers can reverse that. Here’s how: Follow their custom ... Read more
  • Daily Tab for 2016_06_07

    Published: 7/06/2017
    For today’s entries, I’m noting which linked pieces require you to turn off tracking protection, meaning tracking is required by those publishers. I’m also annotating entries with ha ... Read more
  • The Daily Tab for 2017_06_06

    Published: 6/06/2017
    Required viewing: A Good American, a documentary on Bill Binney and the NSA by @FriedrichMoser. IMHO, this is the real Snowden movie. And I say that with full respect for Snowden. Please watch it. (Di ... Read more
  • Props to Pop on Memorial Day

    Published: 29/05/2017
    Thinking today, with great appreciation, about my father, Allen H. Searls, who served twice in the U.S. Army, first in the Coastal Artillery and again in the Signal Corps, during World War II. As I pu ... Read more
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