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  • On .NET and Other Things

    Published: 14/02/2017
    Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of .NET’s debut to the world. And Visual Studio was first released twenty years ago! In a recent episode of On .NET, I went to the Channel 9 studios to talk a bit ab ... Read more
  • CodeSOD: A Sample of Heck

    Published: 13/02/2017
    An email from Andrea Ci arrived in our inbox, with nothing more than some code and a very simple subject line: “VB Conversion: a year in hell ”. A lot of people have that experience when e ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Clean Up Your Act

    Published: 8/02/2017
    Artie S. writes: As part of a contract with a customer, we have to maintain some of their legacy applications. I found this today in a custom controller for a very old OpenCart site and am still laugh ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • Error'd: Not so Smart on Sundays

    Published: 27/01/2017
    "Every Sunday my 'smart' watch does this. Other days, it displays an abbreviation of the day," wrote Lawrence W.   "Just one question - what does my phone number have to do with resetting my pass ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Checked Numbers

    Published: 25/01/2017
    Dealing with types in dynamically-typed languages is always a challenge. Given a variable, does it hold a string? A number? An object? Without inspecting it, you have no idea! Thus, most of these lang ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • Best of Email: The Mailing List

    Published: 23/01/2017
    The Best of Email feature is not one that gets a lot of traffic these days, but this particular submission couldn’t fit anywhere else. It started when Justus got a ticket: “customer spam f ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • Error'd: Nicht Gesprochen

    Published: 20/01/2017
    "I can't read German, but that doesn't look like glowing praise," writes Bruno G.   TC wrote, "This is a thank-you email from Oracle after signing up to their forum. Personally I usually go by ju ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com