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  • Error'd: A World Turned Upside Down

    Published: 2/06/2017
    John A. wrote, "Wait, so 'Cancel' is 'Continue' and 'OK' is really 'Cancel'!?"   "Not only that; we are thankful too!" writes Bob S.   "With those NaN folks viewing my profile on Academaia.e ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Switched Over

    Published: 1/06/2017
    Twelve years ago, a company decided they needed a website. They didn’t have any web developers, and they didn’t want to hire any, so they threw a PHP manual at the new hire who happened to ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Flubbed Buzz

    Published: 30/05/2017
    Interviewing developers always poses a challenge. You can’t rate their skills at writing code without seeing them write code, and most of the code they’ve written probably belongs to someo ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Classic WTF: Time for a tblHoliday

    Published: 29/05/2017
    It's a holiday in the US today, which tracking the dates on which holidays fall is always a complicated, fraught proposition. Let's dig back into the archives for a classic article which can help us c ... Read more
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  • Error'd: The Developer Test

    Published: 26/05/2017
    "Apparently, if AMEX's site knows that you're a developer, it will present a REGEX challenge before allowing you to reset your password," Jim wrote.   Stuart writes, "Wait, I have a network drive ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Lucee Execution

    Published: 24/05/2017
    Recently, at my dayjob, I had a burning need to understand how scheduled tasks work. You see, we've recently switched from Adobe Coldfusion to Lucee, and I was shaky on how Adobe did things before, so ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • CodeSOD: Hard Reboot

    Published: 22/05/2017
    Every day in IT, each one of us walks the fine line between "brilliant" and "appalling." We come across things that make our jaws drop, and we're not sure whether we're amazed or horrified or both. He ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
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