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  • Error'd: The Maybe Compiler

    Published: 19/05/2017
    "Maybe it it compiled...maybe it didn't. I guess that I have to find out myself from here on out," wrote, Y. Diomidov .   Ken W. writes, "Does buying the 4 year warranty mean Amazon will replace ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • Bring Your Own Code: Your Private Foursome

    Published: 17/05/2017
    Last week , I shared some code that, while imperfect, wasn’t that bad. I then issued a challenge: make it worse. Or better, if you really want. As many comments noted: one case covers only the f ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
  • GitHub Beyond Your Browser

    Published: 16/05/2017
    One of my goals at GitHub is to make GitHub more approachable to developers. If you use GitHub, I want you to have tools that complement the way you work and help you to be more effective. In some cas ... Read more
  • CodeSOD: Documented Concerns

    Published: 15/05/2017
    There’s a lot of debate about how much a developer should rely on comments. Clear code should, well, be clear , and thus not need comments. On the other hand, code that’s clear the minute ... Read more
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  • Error'd: Just Buttons

    Published: 12/05/2017
    "What do you think the buttons do? If you thought the dialog was trying to help you log in or give an opportunity to send them an e-mail, instant message, or tweet pointing out how the buttons don't d ... Read more
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  • Bring Your Own Code: A Foursome of Arrays

    Published: 10/05/2017
    So, fun fact about myself: I didn’t know what the For-Case anti-pattern was until relatively recently, when there were a spate of articles condemning it as an anti-pattern. I’m sure I̵ ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: On Punctuation

    Published: 4/05/2017
    Have you ever fallen asleep on your keyboard? Aside from the awkward face-prints it leaves behind, did you notice yourself programming in your sleep? I suspect that Chris ’s co-worker does sleep ... Read more
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  • Editor's Soapbox: Basic Manners

    Published: 3/05/2017
    As someone who's been accused of "not being a team player" because I had the temerity to say, "No, I can't come in on short notice on a day I've called off, because I'm busy,", Snoofle 's rant struck ... Read more
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  • CodeSOD: Robotic Implementation

    Published: 2/05/2017
    Pearl ’s employer couldn’t find an off-the-shelf product that handled their call-center needs, so they developed one in house. One department didn’t want to use that front-end, so th ... Read more
    Source: thedailywtf.com
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