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  • Mob Violence–India at 70

    Published: 25/06/2017
    [Want to do a series of posts on India@70. This is the first] The problem in our country is mob violence. It has been a problem since we became a country. While the individual is powerless in front of ... Read more
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  • When Did We Lose The Game?

    Published: 19/06/2017
    When did we lose the game to Pakistan? No not when Ravindra Jadeja ran Hardik Pandya out. Not when Kohli got a leading edge to gully. Not when Dhoni tamely hoiked the ball down square leg’s thro ... Read more
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  • Sachin Tendulkar A Billion Dreams—the Review

    Published: 30/05/2017
    Sachin Tendulkar, it is conjectured frequently, is God. Like God, he is seldom heard, on issues of importance, or seen, at least in Rajya Sabha, and like God, when we really really  need him, he is bu ... Read more
    Source: greatbong.net
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