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  • Adam Davies Talks Bigfoot

    Published: 26/05/2017
    One of the most controversial and riveting episodes of BoA:Audio gets a long overdue revisiting as extreme explorer Adam Davies returns to the show to rehash his infamous 'Bigfoot portal' experience a ... Read more
    Source: cryptomundo.com
  • Woman Attacked by Sea Monster

    Published: 23/05/2017
    The sea creature -- described as being about 15-feet long, with four-inch teeth, greenish-black skin and a white belly -- was swimming around Carney and popping its head out of the water to expose its ... Read more
    Source: cryptomundo.com
  • Hairy Bipeds of the Red River Basin

    Published: 19/05/2017
    Dee Doss has spent the last ten months dedicated to his field research of the Sasquatch and Dogman creature, both in his area of northern Texas, and in southern Oklahoma. Sasquatch are reported more f ... Read more
    Source: cryptomundo.com
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