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  • Oddly, I am a Pear Tree

    Published: 8/05/2017
    I love metaphors but sometimes I lose my audience using them. Metaphors are the wonderful bridge between what is already known and what is needed to know.   I once bought a tree. This tree taught ... Read more
    Source: danjohn.net
  • IWT: an underappreciated training method

    Published: 1/05/2017
    (We had some kind of issue this week; Here is a piece on sprinting and bodyweight work. ) Like many of you, I have moved a few times in my life. Dragging training equipment over a few state lines is v ... Read more
    Source: danjohn.net
  • The One Arm Press…one of my favorites

    Published: 24/04/2017
    The one arm overhead press might be the best single overall upperbody lift for the adult male. It works the deltoids and triceps as well as all the supporting muscles for the entire body. Along with a ... Read more
    Source: danjohn.net
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