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  • Summer: Season of Opportunity

    Published: 18/05/2017
    Summer was always my favorite season as a little girl, and I ran headlong into those glorious months free from school with all the energy I possessed. So now, as I come upon another summer as a mom wi ... Read more
  • Who Is Looking Out for Mom?

    Published: 11/05/2017
    When my youngest daughter Sophie first came into our home at the age of three, she, like every toddler, wanted my constant attention. If I wasn’t looking at her, she would tug on my arm and repeat, “M ... Read more
  • Don’t Let Your Limitations Stop You

    Published: 4/05/2017
    We all have limitations. A condition of limited ability; a defect or failing. Our particular limitations could be a lack of time, money, energy, ability, or experience; or the unwelcome constraints of ... Read more
  • A Picture and A Prayer

    Published: 27/04/2017
    Whenever I attempt to decorate a room, create a centerpiece, or fill the planters on my front porch, I try to find a picture that I can replicate. I’m not one of those gifted women who can come up wit ... Read more
  • Four Women Who Worked Hard

    Published: 20/04/2017
    The greeting sections of New Testament epistles fire my curiosity. We are given tantalizing morsels of information, hardly the full back-story. But if we look at these verses like archeologists search ... Read more
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