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  • Hire a VP of Engineering

    Published: 27/05/2017
    Engineering is one of the most critical functions at a tech company; in fact, as every company becomes a tech company in some form, it’s critical to every company. But in tech companies in particular, ... Read more
    Source: a16z.com
  • Hire a Head of Sales

    Published: 27/05/2017
    As a former software engineer and CEO, I used to hold the “engineer-centric” view that sales is not a critical function in an organization. I believed that product excellence and market fit obviated t ... Read more
    Source: a16z.com
  • Some Lessons I Learned from the Dotcom Bubble for the Coming Crypto Bubble

    Published: 26/05/2017
    I spent a bunch of time at Consensus and Token Summit this week. If it wasn’t clear before, we are headed into a crypto currency bubble. Now a bubble isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. In fact almost ... Read more
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