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  • 50ths… SQL Saturday and Life

    Published: 12/07/2017
    This week I will experience a couple of events associated to the number 50. SQL Saturday Atlanta The second will be my 50th SQL Saturday Event! (49th speaking, 1 attended in casual mode… 50th speaking ... Read more
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  • The Devaluation of Expertise

    Published: 11/07/2017
    Like it or not, we rely heavily on experts to function as a society. Expertise—high levels of knowledge and skill in particular realms—fuels human progress and continues to maintain it. For this reaso ... Read more
  • Free E-Books From Microsoft Again

    Published: 11/07/2017
      The Director of Sales Excellence at Microsoft is once again giving away free E-Book downloads.  Apparently millions of them in fact on all sorts of topics and products.  Well not mill ... Read more
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