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  • The Power of Listening

    Published: 6/07/2017
    Being a good listener is more valuable than we might think. Forget valuable, it's a freaking ninja trick. The smartest people you'll ever meet are the people who know how to listen. Today on BG Radio, ... Read more
  • False Starts Come with Creative Work

    Published: 28/06/2017
    Back track. Flip flop. False start. Misstep. I feel like these words and ideas have negative cultural connotations—like there's something wrong with starting things and then changing your mind about t ... Read more
  • The Craft of Curiosity

    Published: 26/06/2017
    Curiosity. Deadly to cats, incredibly powerful to humans... it's not just something you're born with. Curiosity is a craft. Developing that craft is worth the time and energy. Listen time: 4:11 The po ... Read more
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