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  • The Power of Listening

    Published: 6/07/2017
    Being a good listener is more valuable than we might think. Forget valuable, it's a freaking ninja trick. The smartest people you'll ever meet are the people who know how to listen. Today on BG Radio, ... Read more
  • False Starts Come with Creative Work

    Published: 28/06/2017
    Back track. Flip flop. False start. Misstep. I feel like these words and ideas have negative cultural connotations—like there's something wrong with starting things and then changing your mind about t ... Read more
  • The Craft of Curiosity

    Published: 26/06/2017
    Curiosity. Deadly to cats, incredibly powerful to humans... it's not just something you're born with. Curiosity is a craft. Developing that craft is worth the time and energy. Listen time: 4:11 The po ... Read more
  • From Fear to Familiar

    Published: 19/06/2017
    Anything unknown and mysterious can be terrifying... until you get to know it. The way to get over that fear? Turn it into familiarity. Works for snakes, the creative process, and you, too. And today ... Read more
  • The Self-Criticism Stops Today

    Published: 15/06/2017
    You’re fired. No, seriously. Pack up your stuff, and get out. But let me be clear: The job you’re fired from is one you should never have had in the first place — being a critic of your own work. Done ... Read more
  • Want to Be a Starter? Then Finish

    Published: 12/06/2017
    Good ideas are hard to come by, and good Starters are rare. But a good idea without execution is worthless. If you want to be a Starter, you're going to have to earn permission by finishing at least a ... Read more
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