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  • April Autograph Special

    Published: 13/04/2017
    The bookshop at the Jean Cocteau Cinema is having a special for the rest of the month on autographed copies of HIGH STAKES, the latest volume in the Wild Cards series. HIGH STAKES normally retails for ... Read more
  • Shame On You, United

    Published: 11/04/2017
    I don't often comment on current events, but the story about the passenger that United Airlines beat bloody and dragged off a flight -- for no reason but to accomodate some of their own deadheading em ... Read more
  • Connie Is Coming! Again!!

    Published: 9/04/2017
    That Willis Woman is descending on Santa Fe once again! Yes, it's true. CONNIE WILLIS will be visiting the Jean Cocteau tomorrow (Sunday) night, to tell us all about her new novel, CROSSTALK. MELINDA ... Read more
  • More Cool Wild Cards Stuff

    Published: 5/04/2017
    A couple of cool new pieces about Wild Cards this morning. The second installment of Katy Rask's Wild Cards reread is up today on Tor.com. http://www.tor.com/2017/04/05/killer-space-yeast-attacks-wild ... Read more
  • Hugo Ballot Announced

    Published: 5/04/2017
    That Finnish Worldcon has announced this year's finalists for the Hugo Awards. You can hear the nominees announced by Finns, here: Alternatively, you could just go to LOCUS and read the list for yours ... Read more
  • WILD CARDS Comes to Broadway!!

    Published: 1/04/2017
    It was 1987 when Bantam Books released Wild Cards, the first volume of what would turn out to be the longest-running and best-selling shared world anthology of all time (though no one ever dreamed of ... Read more
  • The Martians Have Landed

    Published: 27/03/2017
    Well, not really. But our friend Andy Weir did drop by this afternoon for lunch. And Andy, as you all know, is the author of THE MARTIAN. Andy is in the Land of Enchantment overseeing the filming of t ... Read more
  • Author, Author, Author, Author

    Published: 25/03/2017
    We love writers at the Jean Cocteau Cinema, and April is going to be one of our biggest months ever for author events, with no less than four of them scheduled. First up, on Sunday April 2, we'll be h ... Read more
  • Wild Cards Gets Wilder

    Published: 21/03/2017
    A couple of cool new additions to our Wild Cards website went up today. On the blog, John Jos. Miller talks about gaming in the Wild Cards universe... and his own life story. Check it out at: http://w ... Read more
  • Stagecoach Rolls Out

    Published: 16/03/2017
    Now it can be told. On Tuesday everybody who is anybody in the Santa Fe film community gathered up the hill at the former headquarters of the Daylight Chemical Information Systems for the official rol ... Read more