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  • Practivist Criticism

    Published: 5/06/2017
    Practical Criticism is about pedagogy, public education, politics, not the production of an elite hermeneutic cadre or an exquisite academic in-group. Contrary to commonly-held belief, the ‘close read ... Read more
  • Vestibular Disturbance

    Published: 4/06/2017
    A few years ago in the Louvre’s Salle Rembrandt, though, I heard an old man softly crying as he sat before Bathsheba at Her Bath . Though it felt sinful to listen, listen I did. (It was Graham Greene, ... Read more
  • Williams Burroughs Nova Convention

    Published: 3/06/2017
    [Patti Smith, Nova Convention, 1978 © James Hamilton William Burroughs, Nova Convention, 1978 © James Hamilton] Photographs by James Hamilton Curated by Thurston Moore & Eva Prinz EACC – Es ... Read more
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