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  • Jobs in Information Technology: April 26, 2017

    Published: 26/04/2017
    New vacancy listings are posted weekly on Wednesday at approximately 12 noon Central Time. They appear under New This Week and under the appropriate regional listing. Postings remain on the LITA Job S ... Read more
    Source: litablog.org
  • Beginning Git and GitHub

    Published: 25/04/2017
    In a new LITA web course learn how to use the powerful and popular project management and collaboration tools, Git and GitHub. Perfect for anyone who works with code and on projects such as web sites, ... Read more
    Source: litablog.org
  • Designing & Building for Ourselves

    Published: 20/04/2017
    I’m in the throes of designing a new help desk for our department that will serve to triage help tickets for approximately 15,000 employees. This has been a major undertaking, and retaining the confid ... Read more
    Source: litablog.org