Despite how stable OS X can be, it does require some maintenance to keep it running smoothly – and cleaning up the junk files that inevitably accumulate is a big part of that.

Nowadays the Mac cleaners that are out there tend to do more than that however, and help remove unnecessary files as well as optimize Macs in other ways too. That being said there are so many out there – and to figure out which is the best Mac cleaner it will help to know a bit about your options:

Movavi Mac Cleaner - $39.95

Undoubtedly one of the most feature-rich options out there, Movavi Mac Cleaner can get rid of pretty much any and all junk a files while also helping remove user and system apps and optimize your Mac in other ways. It has excellent support, and an extremely intuitive user interface that places all options in clear view. On top of that its price point is also one of the lowest out there – especially considering the features it provides.

IObit MacBooster - $59.95

Another strong contender, MacBooster is almost identical to Movavi Mac Cleaner in terms of features – but it isn’t quite as user-friendly and some options can be hidden and hard to find. On top of that the standard version of MacBooster costs $20 more – which is hard to justify.

CleanMyMac by MacPaw - $39.95

With a clean and well-designed interface, CleanMyMac is definitely a user-friendly cleaner. However it does not have some key features that are included in most other cleaners – such as the ability to detect and delete duplicate files, or a built-in firewall to protect your Mac.

MacShiny by Cyan - $107.40/year

One of the most interesting cleaners out there, MacShiny looks attractive on the surface but does not have some optimization tools such as RAM clearance and lacks a built-in firewall. More to the point however, it cannot be purchased outright and instead requires a monthly licensing fee that can quickly add up and become quite expensive.

Stellar SpeedUp Mac - $34.99

Although relatively basic, Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a nice option that will help remove junk files, clean up trash, and uninstall apps – but not much else. Despite not having optimization tools, the fact that it is cheap and does its job well makes it a good choice if you feel you just want to clean out junk and trash.

Based on the comparison of these popular Mac cleaners, it should be obvious that Movavi Mac Cleaner stands out on many fronts. It provides one of the most comprehensive set of features to clean, optimize and secure your Mac while also being easy to use and having an attractive price point. In short if you are looking for the best Mac cleaner out there then it is the option that you should go for as it won’t disappoint in any regard.