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  • Timo Kuilder AKA Zwartekoffie

    Published: 4/01/2017
    Timo Kuilder is a Dutch designer who works under the moniker Zwartekoffie. Utilizing simple shapes, he creates elegant figures and landscapes that pop with color. To add depth and texture, he finesses ... Read more
    Source: grainedit.com
  • Artists For Education

    Published: 21/12/2016
        America’s public schools are underfunded and teachers are often lacking essential tools to effectively do their job. To address this, Brad and Krystal Woodard of the design studio, Brave ... Read more
    Source: grainedit.com
  • Sponsor // Smartmockups

    Published: 19/12/2016
    Now you can whip up a product mockup/screenshot in less than 10 seconds, all without even using Photoshop. Yep, it’s a snap with the Smartmockup app. Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux, this ... Read more
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