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  • Ninety books in 2016

    Published: 12/01/2017
    I’ve never kept track of the books I’ve read, but last year I decided to, just because I was curious just how many books I read in a typical year. Well, that kind of backfired because by k ... Read more
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  • UK2016 Part 3b: London

    Published: 6/01/2017
    Catch up on my blog posts about our trip here! So, where were we? Thursday morning, I suppose. It was our last day in London all together, as George had plans to go to Canterbury on Friday and meet up ... Read more
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  • UK2016: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (Parts One and Two)

    Published: 5/01/2017
    I’m taking a break from the straight recap posts to write about the Harry Potter play. Since it took place over the course of two nights, I’d have to break up the recap, and I’d rath ... Read more
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  • UK2016 Part 2B: Cambridge

    Published: 3/01/2017
    We left off on December 22 with Rachel and I doing our part to rid the world of wine and cheese. On to the 23rd… George and I left the boys back at Rachel’s and took the guided bus into Ca ... Read more
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  • UK2016 Part 2a: Cambridge

    Published: 2/01/2017
    Read about our time in Wales here. Wednesday morning, the boys and I caught the train to Cambridge. I was nervous about the journey because I had three boys and two suitcases to deal with and we had t ... Read more
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  • UK2016 Part 1: Wales

    Published: 2/01/2017
    We got home yesterday from our epic trip to the UK, and buckle in because I have a lot of pics and stories to share. I’m going to break up my posts into the three places we went, so let’s ... Read more
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  • Merry Christmas Eve!

    Published: 24/12/2016
    We have been having an amazing time on our trip so far, but I didn’t bring my laptop so I won’t be posting much until we get home. But I can’t resist sharing a few from my phone̷ ... Read more
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