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  • Weekly roundup: Freedom

    Published: 6/12/2016
    zdoom : On a total whim, I resurrected half of an old branch that puts sloped 3D floors in the software renderer. It kinda draws them, but with no textures. blog : I wrote a thing about not copyi ... Read more
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  • Let’s stop copying C

    Published: 1/12/2016
    Ah, C. The best lingua franca we have… because we have no other lingua francas. Linguae franca. Surgeons general? C is fairly old — 44 years, now! — and comes from a time when there were po ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Arguing on the internet

    Published: 29/11/2016
    November is improving. zdoom : On a whim I went back to playing with my experiment of embedding Lua in ZDoom. I tracked down a couple extremely subtle and frustrating bugs with the Lua binding li ... Read more
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  • Embedding Lua in ZDoom

    Published: 27/11/2016
    I’ve spent a little time trying to embed a Lua interpreter in ZDoom. I didn’t get too far yet; it’s just an experimental thing I poke at every once and a while. The existing pile of ... Read more
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  • A Rebuttal For Python 3

    Published: 24/11/2016
    Zed Shaw, of Learn Python the Hard Way fame, has now written The Case Against Python 3 . I’m not involved with core Python development. The only skin I have in this game is that I like Python 3 ... Read more
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  • Weekly roundup: Screw it

    Published: 21/11/2016
    November is a disaster and I’ve given up on it. runed awakening : I found a decent DAG diagrammer and plotted out most of the puzzles and finally had visual confirmation that a few parts of ... Read more
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