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  • New style: flow map arrows

    Published: 30/12/2016
    Last time, I wrote about the little details that make a good flow map. The data in that post was made up and simpler than your typical flow map. That’s why I wanted to redo it with real-world da ... Read more
    Source: anitagraser.com
  • Details of good flow maps

    Published: 18/12/2016
    In my previous post, I shared a flow map style that was inspired by a hand drawn map. Today’s post is inspired by a recent academic paper recommended to me by Radoslaw Panczak @RPanczak and Thom ... Read more
    Source: anitagraser.com
  • New style: conveyor belt flows

    Published: 8/12/2016
    The QGIS map style I want to share with you today was inspired by a hand-drawn map by Philippe Rekacewicz that I saw on Twitter: Visionscarto met en ligne quelques unes des archives #Chine, dans le co ... Read more
    Source: anitagraser.com