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  • tiny rectangles of many colors

    Published: 8/12/2016
    I’m obviously running out of quilt name ideas! Tiny rectangles… well, ok. Ever since I made my 2×4 quilt top (tutorial here), I’ve wanted to make another in scrappy fabrics. I t ... Read more
  • My Quilt is Going to AQS

    Published: 1/12/2016
    I just got notice that my peacock feather quilt was accepted for the AQS Daytona Beach Show March 1 – 4. I made a few videos of the progress while I was making it. I will have to see if I can wo ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • Where does the time go?

    Published: 30/11/2016
    I had big plans for the day and here it is 7pm and not much of it happened. I planned to finish my denim bag and I got involved in trying to do a video of how….and then I decided I needed to cha ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • End of the Garden Season

    Published: 28/11/2016
    Monday is the last day the city will pick up garden waste so I got some garden cleanup done.  My composer if full to the brim so it has to go out in bags for city pickup. (the city will compost it) he ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • Sometimes you get distracted

    Published: 26/11/2016
    I had great intentions of getting my tree decorated today.   I got the tree set up and the lights are on but I didn’t get the decorations on it yet. I decided to use a smaller tree this yearR ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • The Start of the Christmas Season

    Published: 25/11/2016
    I had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with the family….Mom and Dad, aunt, sisters and brothers, sisters and brothers in law, nieces and nephews.    I always try to get a Tree decorated the day af ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • How to make a quilted tote bag

    Published: 22/11/2016
    Yesterday I posted a picture of a tote bag I made. I made another today (this one is larger) and I took pictures of the steps to make it. I started with the snowflake applique that I made in this vide ... Read more
    Source: timquilts.com
  • ds scrap string quilt

    Published: 11/11/2016
    Quite a long time ago (2009!), I had a chance to go to Denyse Schmidts annual studio sale. It was such fun to see her studio space, to admire those beautiful and inspiring quilts, and a bonus to be ab ... Read more