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  • Notes for Sunday – December 04, 2016

    Published: 4/12/2016
    It is the birthday of Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, (born 1912) an AVG “Flying Tiger” volunteer pilot for the Chinese Nationalist government, WWII Marine Corps aviator, and Medal ... Read more
  • Bugout Apple Pie, by Sarah Latimer

    Published: 4/12/2016
    Back in October, during part of the time we were away from SurvivalBlog, we were practicing our bug out scenario with a group of folks we might join in a TEOTWAWKI situation. We took our vehicle with ... Read more
  • Letter Re: Mandoline

    Published: 4/12/2016
    Dear Editor: I bought the food slicing mandolin recommended in the article on the topic of food dehydrating: “So Tell Me Again…”- Part 2, by M.P. the very morning the article appeared and have used it ... Read more