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  • Menu Plan Monday ~ Jan 16/17

    Published: 16/01/2017
    Hi friends, welcome to Menu Plan Monday! In a matter of days we went from the -30C (-22F) weather we had been experiencing for weeks to 3C (37F). I was able to go for a walk today with no toque, no sc ... Read more
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  • Two Commitments I Am Making in 2017

    Published: 13/01/2017
    As is a common practice at this time of the year, many people set goals or commitments of what they hope to accomplish over the next 12 months. I’ve read many blog posts and watched a number of ... Read more
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  • Super Quick Tidying Up Tips

    Published: 12/01/2017
    The following is a guest post with some quick tidying up tips from regular contributor, Yuni at Love Your Abode. Hi friends! Hope you’re having a wonderful new year. I don’t know about you ... Read more
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  • 2016 Christmas Home Decor Tour

    Published: 22/12/2016
    Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying these days leading up to Christmas without too much stress. Since I haven’t done it in years, today I thought I’d share some of my Christmas decor ... Read more
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