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  • My TOMA layout components

    Published: 22/01/2017
    ShareThis After seeing the details of the TOMA layout concept. I realized that I have always built in a TOMA style myself. On one hand my dioramas are static models and I agree with that. But my other ... Read more
  • Piney Branch Mill Revisited

    Published: 21/01/2017
    The water wheel and race are long gone. The building received new siding in 1963 I took my mom for a drive today to Manassas to work on Marty McGuirk's backdrop. He said he would be blogging about tha ... Read more
  • Two down.... eight to go.

    Published: 19/01/2017
    I installed the second turnout in Aquia Landing tonight. I didn't install the guard rails yet, but it works pretty well without them.  Below is a short video showing the operation. (Note the Safari we ... Read more