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  • An Introduction to Placemaking

    Published: 16/01/2017
    Public space is more than just a pleasant amenity in our towns and cities, it is an important connection between our homes, businesses, institutions, and the rest of the world. It’s where we bump into ... Read more
  • Episode 7: People Habitat

    Published: 12/01/2017
    I’ve been a fan of Kaid Benfield’s writing for years, so I was incredibly excited when he agreed to be interviewed on Remarkable Objects. I was first introduced to his work as a reader of “Switchboard ... Read more
  • Key Concepts for Tree-Friendly Design

    Published: 9/01/2017
    As a consulting arborist, I am often called upon to diagnose and help “sick” trees in a landscape. The primary cause of health problems for many of the trees I look at are related to impacts from a la ... Read more
  • The Restorative Power of Nature

    Published: 3/01/2017
    Our surroundings have the power to shape our emotions, health, and well-being. We can feel this in our bodies – our tensions heighten while driving in city traffic, and relax while walking in a park – ... Read more
  • Episode 6: Undiscovered Country

    Published: 21/12/2016
    Soil is not something I spent a lot of time thinking about before starting to work for DeepRoot. But in that time, I’ve come to see and appreciate soil as an almost-magical substance. Soil is foundati ... Read more